“ssh -Y” connection with Windows 7 [enabling X11]

You can use a small program called putty to establish a ssh connection on Windows machines. However you need to have a X11 connection in order to forward jobs with graphics.

For UNIX based systems one can use:

ssh -Y username@server

to connect. To achieve this on Windows you need to install Xming X Server also as an addition to putty.

After Xming setup is completed, open the settings of the shortcut of Xming and add “-ac” at the end of target setting.

Then you can start putty and go to Connection/SSH/X11 to make sure “Enable X11 Forwarding” is selected. If you choose to leave “X Display location” blank graphics terminal will be run on the server.

Additional links:
# http://digitizor.com/2009/03/01/how-to-forward-an-x11-session-to-windows-over-ssh/

# http://e.molioner.dk/guides/puttyx11

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